Topic: Alternative to postfixadmin for LDAP?

From my understanding, postfixadmin doesn't install if the back-end chosen at configuration / installation time is LDAP. I chose LDAP and am now without the postfixadmin program. I have never used postfixadmin so I do not know how powerful it is or what featureset it provides, but considering how complex postfixadmin is and the ease at which the postfixadmin program would allow addition of things such as e-mail forwards/aliases, it would be nice to have!

Is there something similar to it for the LDAP back-end? Is there anything to make administering the postfix server easier? iRedAdmin provides virtually no help at all in these aspects. I need to be able to configure e-mail forwards/aliases/auto-response vacations/etc.



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Re: Alternative to postfixadmin for LDAP?

Now the postfixadmin can not support LDAP.


you can check the iRedAdmin Pro , provide all feature you need.

auto-response vacations

iRedMail have the feature, you can login webmail RoundCube setting。no need postfixadmin.


Re: Alternative to postfixadmin for LDAP?

PostfixAdmin doesn't support LDAP. that's all.


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