Topic: Modify wiki?

I would like to submit a couple minor changes to the installation tutorial. How can I?

Saludos, Yosu.


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Re: Modify wiki?

* Check out the wiki pages via svn:

svn checkout http://iredmail.googlecode.com/svn/wiki/ iredmail-wiki

* Modify the pages, and generate patch via 'svn' command:

$ svn diff                 # Show the diff content
$ svn diff > ~/wiki.patch   # Create patch: ~/wiki.patch

* Post the patch here.

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Re: Modify wiki?

I didn´t mean code, just add a couple examples to the tutorial text for non experts like myself to understand it better.

I could also help in spanish translation if needed.


Re: Modify wiki?

The url i give you above is wiki page source code, include tutorial pages.
Try to modify them, or translate them if you want, and post the patch here.

The syntax of wiki is easy and clear, just try it. smile


Re: Modify wiki?

well I could make a review: r1017
but the rest I didn´t even know where to put these commands;-)


Re: Modify wiki?

Yosu wrote:

well I could make a review: r1017
but the rest I didn´t even know where to put these commands;-)

You should generate diff patch locally, and the paste to 'General comment' field.

Or post your patch here directly.


Re: Modify wiki?

Line-by-line comments
/wiki/Installation_on_Ubuntu.wiki   r1017   line 78:
78: UUID=d4cfe48c-4332-4357-bcc8-1ed977449e89 /               ext3    acl,relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       1
Is it posible that sometimes this required line apears to be there already and sometimes you have to add it?
anyway, this is advanced stuff, I had to google for mount and fstab to understand it.

maybe it could say something like: look for the ext3 partition line and copy the UUID in a new line, change the rest to ext3    acl,relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       1

/wiki/Installation_on_Ubuntu.wiki   r1017   line 93:
93:     * Get necessary packages. It will create a local apt repository in current directory.
Create a new directory iRedMail under your home directory.
cd /home
md iRedMail

Download the packages from here
<please add here the command>
and unpack it on the iRedMail directory
<please add here the command>
Make sure you write it correctly, linux commands are case sensitive.

/wiki/Installation_on_Ubuntu.wiki   r1017   line 95:
95: # cd /path/to/iRedMail-x.y.z/pkgs/
example: # cd/home/iRedMail/pkgs/
/wiki/Installation_on_Ubuntu.wiki   r1017   line 121:
121: # -------------------------------------------------------
After here there are several images that are not coincident on the ubuntu 9.04 installation, I will try to dedicate more time another day.

/wiki/Installation_on_Ubuntu.wiki   r1017   line 273:
If the installation went correctly you should be able to log into your webmail:
or if you didn´t setup your DNS yet:


Re: Modify wiki?

Synced (partly) in r1036.

  • Add urls of web-based programs.

  • Little change in description of acl option.

Maybe not so clear as you expected. sad


Re: Modify wiki?

clear enougth