Topic: "discard" transport sending e-mail to "catch all" account

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iRedMail    1.4.2
iRedAdmin 1.5.0 (PostgreSQL)
Linux Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.9 Intel x64 UEK
Store: PostgreSQL 13.6
WebServer: Apache

Domains setup: domains "mydomain.com.br" with alias domain "mydomain.com"
User setup: account "xyz@mydomain.com.br"
Catch all setup: account "admin@mydomain.com.br"

I've configured "xyz@mydomain.com.br" with "discard" transport in vmail.mailbox database table, and now the catch all account is receiving all e-mails for "xyz@mydomain.com.br" (and I did expect emails to be discarded).

What is the correct procedure to really discard e-mails for "xyz@mydomain.com.br" without capture by "catch all" account (or how to forward these e-mails to /dev/null)?

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Re: "discard" transport sending e-mail to "catch all" account

catch all gets a copy of the email, the normal account discards it
you can do it with a sieve filter that deletes all email where the to part is the actual discard email

https://doc.dovecot.org/configuration_m … /examples/

if address :is "to" "whatever@email" {


Re: "discard" transport sending e-mail to "catch all" account

A catch-all account usually is used to "catch all" emails which sent to non-existing email addresses under your domain, so that the emails will be eventually delivered to some mailbox(es).

I don't understand your use case. If you want to discard emails sent to catch-all account, why not simply disable catch-all?