Topic: SOGo blank page after login

- iRedMail version (check /etc/iredmail-release): 1.6.1 MARIADB edition
- Deployed with iRedMail Easy or the downloadable installer?
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Debian 11
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Web server (Apache or Nginx): nginx
- Manage mail accounts with iRedAdmin-Pro? yes
- [IMPORTANT] Related original log or error message is required if you're experiencing an issue.

Updated SOGo yesterday and now when a user logs in they just get a white page. I have rebooted server but that did not resolve.

Do not see any errors in the sogo.log.

Nginx log has error: 2022/11/08 09:07:17 [error] 794#794: *578 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client: 68.1.***.**, server: _, request: "GET /SOGo/so/*****@kumpes.com/Mail/0/view HTTP/2.0", upstream: "*****@ku … ail/0/view", host: "mail.kumpeapps.com", referrer: "https://mail.kumpeapps.com/SOGo/so/**** … /Mail/view"


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Re: SOGo blank page after login

Update: I have found SOGo is severely delayed. After login it goes to a white screen, after 10-20min the page does load. Same delay when navigating thru the SOGo interface.

On email clients (via IMAP) when deleting or moving emails I also get error unable to move message. Then after the same 10-20min the message deletes/moves. So it seems IMAP has the same delay.

memcached does appear to be running from what I can tell.

Still not sure what is causing it.


Re: SOGo blank page after login

I have also found this in dovecot logs which I am not sure if it's related. That IP is the IP of my old mysql server which I changed several months ago (so probably not related to my primary concern). As far as I can tell the IP was updated in all of the scripts that I know of.

Nov 09 20:37:18 Error: dict(12930): conn unix:dict (pid=12898,uid=2000): dict(mysql)<>: mysql( Connect failed to database (vmail): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (115) - waiting for 25 seconds before retry


Re: SOGo blank page after login

Well after tracking down the dovecot errors I guess that was the problem. Several months ago I changed my mySQL server (changing it’s IP). Evidently I missed changing the IP in a couple dovecot scripts. Not sure why it is just now causing issues but correcting this seems to have resolved all issues.