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Topic: iRedMail 1.5.1 dpkg install error

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Sequence of events:

Fresh Ubuntu 20.04.3 Focal Fossa server edition.
X2go repository added.
Installed all available 20.04.3 updates.
Xfce4 installed.
X2go server installed.
iRedMail 1.5.1 install from github downloadable installer.
Installed iRedMail w/MariaDB, Nginx.
Installation failed.


I am building a home mail server to collect notification emails from my networking devices (Cisco switch, Sophos UTM, etc.) and ran into an installation error that appears to be related to dpkg. Not sure why this would be happening on a freshly created/up to date virgin system.

Has anyone else run into this?

Terminal output attached...

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Re: iRedMail 1.5.1 dpkg install error

Never mind... figured it out.