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Topic: disabling domain in ldap

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I moved my few  accounts (the whole one virtual domain)  to Office365 service. On my old serwer I still keep this virtual domain because i want that users can read historical mails. The problem is when moved users send emails to my old server - to some other virtual domains located in LDAP. Then server recognise emails as local and "policy rejects" " because ": "Policy rejection not logged in"
I know - deleting domain from ldap resolves the problem, but i want to keep mails and account for same time.

Please, any idea, how to send email to other virtual domain on this server?


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Re: disabling domain in ldap

There's no easy solution. How about this:

Run "imapsync" to transfer existing emails from iRedMail to Office365, so that users can read their old emails in Office365 directly.