Topic: Question about upgrading iRedMail

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Hello everyone,

Newbie here....when upgrading, I understand that it must be incremental from one version to the very next.  Curious if I can update the specific packages to the most recent or if I need to update to the version listed in the notes?

For example: The Upgrade notes for iRedMail from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 say to:

                               Upgrade netdata to the latest stable release (1.31.0)

When I goto the netdata GitHub page the latest stable is 1.36.1...I'm assuming I shouldn't upgrade to that version and just the version listed in the iRedMail notes (1.31.0) but I just wanted to check.



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Re: Question about upgrading iRedMail

We did not upgrade to older versions of included software (iRedAPT, netdata, iRedAdmin, etc.) when upgrading over several iredmail versions. We trusted the developer to run the necessary upgrade routines from the installed to the upgraded version.

Never had a problem, but I don't know if this was right.