Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Why are you interested in iRedMail? write down your opinions below please smile

  1. Easy and fast to deploy without pain?

  2. Full-featured?

  3. Stable?

  4. (one of) the right way to build an open source mail server solution? Most components used in iRedMail are provided by Linux distributions officially. it means iRedMail users can get software update support as long time as the distribution itself.

  5. Great customer support via forum? Installation, migration, intergration.

  6. the project is being supported and actively worked on. @gscott187

  7. have the full participation of the technical community and hence knowledge base benefits. @gscott187

  8. It uses mainstream, tried and tested components. @gscott187

All of the above, is the easy answer. I've lost nights of sleep playing around with email. Web servers are simple. Integrated web server with fully compliant email solutions - complicated beyond most peoples comprehension. It seems like a simple task, and isn't hard to get basic mail sending happen, but to get send and receive, compliant DKIM mail for multiple users and domains hosted upon any single server -- prepare to lose a lot of sleep.

cPanel or Plesk are one solution, but that costs you every month / year, ongoing. iRedMail, even buying the pro version once, it just keeps on working based on tried and tested linux defaults. Add some minor tweaks, and you have a low RAM, DKIM compliant mail server.

The biggest PLUS of iredmail is that it actually caters the latest NGINX, MariaDB and PHP versions. You can add the NGINX and MariaDB .repo's before install iredmail, then copy the php-fpm settings, remove PHP 5.x, install PHP 7.x, reset the config files and you now have a super stable, modern software, fully compliant email / web server solution WITHOUT THE BLOAT that cPanel, Plesk and others force upon you.

Nothing short of amazing work here.

Thank you honestly can't be said enough.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Thanks for sharing, @centosnoob smile


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Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Having search for a solution to replace an Exchange + AD system with an OpenSource solution for a while. Did look at Kerio, Zentyal, Kolab, Kopano, Zimbra and Sogo from their respective free/open version, and also made a deep investigation into the available documentations and forum contents.

So far the iRedmail packaging is the far best I've seen, and answers to almost every questions I come across can be found in the existing iRedMail documentation or on the forum site.
Since all modules are "standard" open source projects, it's easy to find  more information for specific issues, like OpenLdap or Postfix elsewhere.

Once I tried the installation and got it up and running in an hour or so, I didn't bother to check the other test systems again. We have now started a project to migrate our Exchange server, and to use OpenLDAP instead of Active directory for our application servers (Gitlab, Confluence, Jira, etc).

Thanks for a really good product.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

I was looking for a groupware solution that was using Postfix and Dovecot in the backend, since I wanted to get away from proprietary solutions. I had to be free of charge if I'm willing to do certain tasks myself, since it's only used for non-commercial purposes and my budget isn't big enough for anything costly.

I've been using Zarafa before, but since they changed their product to "Kopano" and won't provide *.deb-files anymore (and compiling from source isn't really documented at all), I first tried building my own solution using docker. It worked reasonably well, but lacked good user-management without tinkering a lot in SQL-databases myself.

After I installed SOGo as a front-end myself and researching some configuration specifics, I stumbled upon iRedMail, and it offers everything I need. So, I scratched my docker-solution and, since my server was pretty clean anyway, gave this a go.

Installation went smoothly and the customization options you have are perfect for me. Also, this software seems pretty actively maintained and has an active community around it, and that was also something I was looking for. Since it comes pre-packaged with SOGo for all my ActiveSync-needs out of the box, it was a perfect fit.

Thanks to ZhangHuangbin and team, well done and I'm looking forward to learning more about this package and keeping it up and running for a long time.


Re: Why are you interested in iRedMail?

Thank you for sharing, @swejun, @evilstiefel. big_smile


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