Topic: Microsoft 365 MSO deleting email

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iRedMail Pro with clients connecting using MS Outlook Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2307) is deleting emails all of a sudden.   Two different clients on different networks using the system for years suddenly have email deleted. 

Dovecot: imap(user@domain_name): delete: box-INBOX, uid=xxxxxx, msgid=....

A mix of expunge and delete in the logs.  No changes to the mail server or the email client in the manual settings albeit possible updates to Outlook in background.


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Re: Microsoft 365 MSO deleting email

Outlook issue, dont use this shit


Re: Microsoft 365 MSO deleting email

Cthulhu wrote:

Outlook issue, dont use this shit

Yes, would think it would be Outlook except nothing has changed in the end users machines/versions.  They've both been using Outlook for years.  Never happened previously and now two separate accounts on different domains have had the same issue in a period of 3 days.


Re: Microsoft 365 MSO deleting email

Maybe Outlook 365 got updated and now acting wierd?